Friday, September 20, 2013

New adventures: Life, Time, and Family

Hello again! Much has happened in the past few months. I will attempt to document and bring y'all up to date. My last post was in June so a 3 month hiatus is actually not that bad for me. Alas here we go, the nitty gritty(note this post does not include fishing in the dark).

I once again attended Bluesfest this year. Scratching Bjork, B.B King and a couple of others off my list. The most exciting show was Yukon Blonde though. It was about 40 degrees(Celsius) outside and we were cooking. Luckily festival organizers had the forethought to have staff hosing down the crowd. A good friend was able to boost me on his shoulders and I got drenched! It was exhilarating and all together a fantastic weekend culminating in a birthday bash for one of my besties. I just used the word "besties". Not sure how to feel about that...

My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My nephew Adrian is the cutest little thing. I know, I know everyone says that about the new baby in their lives but he just has the pudgiest little lips and long fingers and toes. I was fortunate enough to get down to see him at just one day old.
  Discalimer: Not one day old in this photo, but look at that face!

Beginning of August hit and my aunt was generous enough to fly me down to Boston for a visit. Flying sucks. By which I mean airports are the worst. I manage to always have delays. My experience has been that driving is often faster.

The trip was a really nice break away from work for a few days, though came with some emotional baggage. My grandmother has advanced vascular dementia which has been compounded by a variety of other health issues. I saw her every day of my trip and cried more than I have in the last 6 months. It is just so difficult to see someone you love and have such fond memories of deteriorate. It is especially difficult for me to feel like I have no control.

So fast-forward. To now. Nana has moved into my aunt's home. So have I. I have left my job, my friends, my life and am taking in life as an American for a while. It involves a lot of being in the same three rooms talking to someone who can't talk back. It is hard. I am coping. The wonderful world of the internet at least allows me to keep in touch with everything I left behind.

Plus there are positives! I am all about the positives. I get to spend valuable time that I can't ever get back with my grandmother. I also get to have time and build stronger relationships with my aunts, uncles and cousins who live here.

Its Boston(read:Bawwsten) baby. I get to learn how to speak without the letter "R"! I went to a house party last weekend and tried it out a little bit. I'm not there just yet. The party was a hoot though. Drunk twenty year-olds trying to play football, a fire pit, this song and getting asked to determine who had the best breasts. All in all one for the win column.

I still have a variety of things to do and explore. The aquarium, the Science Museum, Faneuil Hall, Harvard Square and more! I may even get to take in a super intimate and awesome Living room show put on by Julia Nunes.

So those are the updates. I have a fair bit of free time so if you have suggestions as to what I should be doing, reading, listening to etc. leave me a comment or hit me up. Apologies if my stream of consciousness writing style is hard to follow. MISS YOU ALL IN CANADA!!

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