Thursday, May 12, 2011


A short list of reasons that I am excited.

1. My parents are coming to visit from Ottawa for the weekend. (Ya I saw them a couple of weeks ago for my Dad's 60th but this is family people)

2. My Aunt Nadine and Uncle Brian will also be here for the weekend. (I haven't seen them in over a year)

3. My parents will be bringing my BBQ with them. ( I have been waiting for this since X-mas)

4. Also on list of things to be brought, my fishing rod. Maybe I will actually get out on some water.

5. Bonnaroo is less than one month away!!

6. I am allowed to wear jeans at work all week. (Little things mean the most?)

What you got for excitement?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Four Months in the Making

So here we go again!

I am officially the worst blogger on the interweb.

So what have I done these past months? Unfortunately, not a whole lot.

I do however have some exciting things in the next few months. And I hope to post a little bit about them too!

So without further ado a quick update on the past and then one for the future.


Christmas happened. And it was wonderful. I couldn't go home this year (for the first time ever) thanks to the fact that I work a retail job. But it was still really great. My house pulled together, got a real tree, hung stockings on the banister, and Steve cooked a delicious traditional meal with all the fixings. Then in early January I was able to make the trek home with my sister and have round two with the family. Exciting gifts include but are not limited to a Snuggie! a barbecue(still at the rents :( .) a unicorn, and a light up wand. Yes I am still a child, that loves food from the grill.

And yes, house. Maggie and I moved in with Steve(her boyfriend) and things here are going well.

I caught a few more shows. Most notably Steve Aoki. The lineup was stupid and although I will likely never return to that bar the show itself was great. Last weekend I saw Woodshed Orchestra which is a really fun group to see if you get the chance.

I wish I could say more than that has happened the past few months but aside from my day to day boredom of work there hasn't been a whole lot.


Well I am still working the same job and thankfully things are starting to get busier again after the post-christmas lull.

For the first time I watched a season of the Bachelor.

And now for the good stuff. For those who don't know or hadn't realized, live music is pretty much all I care about other than eating, sleeping, and paying my bills. I don't particularly care for the last of those but alas it must be dealt with. I also have some time for televised sporting events and Glee.

This summer I will be taking a trip. No not the Caribbean, not Europe, not Australia or anywhere overly exotic. I am headed to Tennessee. Manchester, TN host of the 10th anniversary Bonnaroo festival! I can't begin to describe my elation in words. I will get to see some great acts for the second time but many for the first. A quick rundown of what I am most excited for has to include Florence & The Machine, Robert Plant, Ray LaMontagne and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. There are too many for me to list here but you can check out the full lineup if you are interested.

I will also be taking a trip back to Ottawa come April for both Easter and my father's 60th birthday bash. If anyone has gift ideas for a cynical old guy leave them in the comments.

In May my parents are coming to visit here. I have some family coming up from the States as well. They have never seen the Falls! You really do take certain natural world wonders for granted when they are just a short drive away.

Well I think that is all for now. I hope you are well.