Sunday, February 26, 2012

I’m Back!!! Maybe



So after almost a year long hiatus, I am going to try and get back into this blogging business. I can't make any promises about how often I will update because I procrastinate and am obviously not very good at this :). But stay positive and I will try and you can try and maybe things will be good.

Where to begin? I suppose we shall start where I last left you and I will try to fill in the blanks along the way. If you have questions comments or concerns don't be afraid to let me know.

Last June I attended the 10th annual Bonnaroo Music Festival and let me tell you it was the best time of my life! If you haven't gone, look into it. If you don't like people or music, first you fail, and second, don't look into it. All that aside it was hot as hell and the music and atmosphere were wonderful. There is just nothing quite like spending a weekend camping with 80, 000 like minded strangers who want to enjoy life and music. Everybody was ecstatic to be there and I was able to meet a ton of cool people from all over the place. I don't really have pictures of myself to share because I focused on getting shots of the bands but here are a couple for your viewing entertainment.



     It was dirty and dusty, so were my feet…


       I doubt this is true but I do love unicorns.


I apparently missed getting a photo of

THIS TENT, but it was there too!


      Green man jam session on a bus? Why not?

And I also have lots of blurry band shots that I won’t bore you with.

Onwards. In August we threw a backyard bash for my sister’s birthday with bands and drinking and food and dancing(not necessarily in that order). I continued to work, hang out and caught some more live shows. Anybody else catching onto a pattern here? Fall was kind of boring and pretty rainy.

Christmas came. I once again was unable to come back to Ottawa to see my family due to work. I got pretty bummed and wasn’t the best of company. New year’s was a riot at the Merchant Ale House (if you are in St. Catharines, go here. Good food, good beer, nuff said). We got dressed up, drank and danced because, well I believe it’s a requirement.

Shortly after the beginning of January I decided to quit my job. I was frustrated and life was feeling too stagnant. So I have moved back to Ottawa. Since coming home I have a new job, have participated in some family photos, and have finished a few books. While I loved the rural lifestyle as a kid, being somewhat technology deprived in my twenties is killing me. If anyone has time killing tips or interesting topics for me to learn about, please, please let me know.

I’ll be volunteering this weekend at You Wish, a burlesque event for the Children’s Wish Foundation. Other than that I will just be back and forth to work, filing my taxes, and generally spacing out.

So there you are! All caught up. Fingers crossed for stories of note in the near future.