Friday, November 19, 2010

Ch-ch changes

Time to be a different man... or woman as the case may be. So my last post was pretty brief and didn't really explain much of my life situation at the moment. I currently live in a sketchy downtown apartment, work a pretty good mall job if there ever was such a thing, and spend a lot of time hanging out alone. But please don't get too worried, it has only taken a few months in this lifestyle to realize it is not what I want. So bring on the change, I will do my best to prepare myself for it. also apologies for this post once again being late. It was almost ready to go when I was uprooted into my sister's boyfriend's house for a game night. This seems to happen almost daily so...
In the next month or so I will be moving. Into a house, with other people, and hopefully if all works out as planned I will be a much happier person. Having the power to up and move and do things differently for myself is really nice. I can't help but think "hey this isn't working."and now that leaves me with well fuck DO something about it. It also means I will get to enjoy board game night every night.

I am still unsure as to how much longer I will stay in this city but if things are looking good it may be a while. If I can get myself a government job with a more sizable and more stable paycheck it might not be such a long while. I really am trying to get myself all figured out but how can you know what really works without trying a few different things first. So I guess you can consider me in life-limbo for now. And coming up on my 21st birthday I'm gonna have to be lame and "Hallmarky" Live in the moment people dwelling really does suck.



Ps aren't scattered thoughts fun? Sorry for writing this post in essentially 2 parts. I much prefer getting everything out in one shot so my thoughts, words, ideas are semi-congruent. Whatever.

Monday, November 15, 2010

future reference

So I have been fairly busy these past few months. Mainly working lots at a job I am not overly thrilled with, but such is life.

I am expecting some major changes on the horizon and will try to keep things updated. We all know how good I am at that :S.

Stay tuned for an update on some of those future plans... I will try to have something up by the end of this week.