Friday, April 20, 2012

Forward Momentum

I clearly fail at weekly posting once again...
A lot has been happening though.

I briefly was working at Canadian Tire until a former boss called me up to offer me a management position!
I am now part of a team that oversees the Sports Experts at Bayshore. Full time work with good pay means I have been able to start hunting for apartments.

And what a success! I will be moving on May 1st into a bachelor. Its halfway between my place of work and downtown. I will be able to get out and socialize when I please. I'm a few blocks from major transit and everything is included in my rent.

The unit is in an older house so I get something completely unique. I have a built in bookshelf wall, big windows and a quiet street. Right now I am pretty elated.

I can post some pictures once I am all moved in.

Until next time,