Monday, October 7, 2013

New in New England

As of tomorrow I will officially have been in the states for one month. Crazy how fast the time goes by. In my attempt to keep the world at large my few friends and followers updated here is the scoop.

My grandmother's health continues to decline. It is unfortunate, though expected, and all parties here are doing their best to ensure she is comfortable and well cared for. I didn't think someone could look so cute in a shower cap sans teeth.

On a happier note I have had the opportunity to take in some of the city and surrounding areas. Harvard Square, Davis Square, Cambridge. I'm still uncertain why one would name their restaurant Tavern in the Square, TITS was an inevitable nickname. Bonus: It is a chain!

Friday evening was a trek into downtown Boston. Thank god I was with someone from around here as this infographic does a pretty good job of describing the complicated road system.
My aunt, uncle and I had a lovely if not loud dinner at Fire & Ice a wicked cool place where you pick the food and then they fry it up on a giant circular grill in the middle of the restaurant. We lost track of how many birthdays were being celebrated at 5. Then it was off to Cheers for a pint and some 90's Canadian music. I'm not lying, Alanis and Barenaked Ladies, we were only there about 20 minutes.

Yesterday was my first trip to Salem. Anyone who knows me, knows my love of Harry Potter. So it should come as no surprise that I was excited to take in the historic mecca of witchcraft. Our first stop was the cemetery. 
These benches serve as graves for the hanged witches, who were never given a proper burial
We got our nerd/dork on with a segway tour of the city.
House of Seven Gables

At the Peabody Essex Museum there were a ton of interesting artistic pieces bit none more fun than Nick Cave's Soundsuit.
All in all I would categorize things in a "so far so good" manner. This weekend I am off to Florida(also a first). Hopefully I will remember to take some photos and will have more stories to share. 

xoxo Bec