Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I am Canadian!

Two days ago Canada celebrated her 145th birthday. I celebrated with my sister who came to town for the weekend of festivities. For those who don’t know me, holidays are the perfect reason/excuse for a costume. So this happened.

           canada deh

The day went on, it was pretty hot. We stopped for beers and dancing and this look came about.

          canada 2

Living in the capital provides advantages. They close down the roads in the downtown core for pedestrian traffic. You can dance everywhere you go, and we did. At the bus stop, at the Laff, at the hill, for busking musicians, essentially everywhere we went. And then for another 4 or so hours at The Lookout.  

The worst part of the greatest day was that I actually had to drink Canadian Sad smile.  Small compromises I suppose.


I hope you all had a fantastic Canada Day! Happy Independence day to all the Americans tomorrow! And remember, when you get the chance, dance.