Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My year in review

I know, I know, the year is not yet at a close. So let's go with finger's crossed something ultra exciting happens in the next 12 days.
22 was a pretty good and somewhat eventful year for me. I moved(twice, although once just across town...). I switched jobs twice. I attended two music festivals. I probably did some other things in twos as well.
I came out to family, and close friends, and am doing so for anyone else here and now. It was stressful but ultimately really positive. It is refreshing to know that the people I care about also care about me. Not to belittle the coming out period for anyone else,which I know can be quite traumatising, but mine was surprisingly accepting. I feel good about feeling awesome about it. For anyone wanting to know more details, ask. I am not fully out at work. Its just easier to keep this part of my life at least somewhat separate. I’m not by any means hiding who I am, just not broadcasting it from the rooftops…
I flew for the first time since I was 9 years old. Due to delays, my trip to Boston, which is a total of about 3 hours in flight time, took longer than my parents’, who drove(8 hours).  Aside from that I had the chance to spend some quality time with family I hadn’t seen in years. There was a pool, a bar, games, prizes, and the Olympics all in one weekend. I didn’t mention the food but there were an abundance of tasty treats as well.
I got comfortable with the idea of going to the bar alone. It has paid off in many hung over mornings and a new set of friends. I dated someone crazy, and went to a lot of drag shows. I read a few really good books. If you care enough to know what those are you can look here. I just realized how not in order that list is…  But above all I have worked a lot and failed to keep up with my laundry. 
Bi-annual updates seem to be about all I can manage, so I hope that works for you all. All 5 of you, or whatever the count may be. With failing to do my laundry comes a failed attempt at organizing my life into witty anecdotes for your consumption.
As a close I wish you all a merry Christmas, or happy holiday of your choice. Perhaps I will provide more updates in the coming new year. Don’t hold your breath. Here are some other things not to do. Do wash your clothes.
Xoxo Bec
P.S. If the world ends in two days. I hope it was a good run for you.
P.P.S. In regards to the list of things not to do, do some of them. Like exercising your right to wear clashing outfits as often as possible. 

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